Economis of Epoxy-coated Rebar


A study was recently conducted by the University of Kansas for the FHWA and Kansas DOT that evaluated the initial and life-cycle costs of epoxy-coated reinforcing steel.

This study found that the initial cost of decks with epoxy-coated steel was $196/yd2 compared with $189 for decks containing uncoated reinforcing steel. Thus, the incremental cost was only $7/yd2. This means an increase in cost at about 3.5%. This will increase we spend 3.5% for doubled the life. Therefore the cost per year of an uncoated structure is more than the cost per year of the coated structure.

Over a 75-year life and using a discount rate of 4 %, the life-cycle costs for the decks containing epoxy-coated reinforcing steel was presented within the study to be $237/yd2 compared with $444/ydfor decks containing uncoated reinforcing bars. The life-cycle cost savings from the use of epoxy-coated bars compared with uncoated bars was $207/yd2.

Using this data, the ROI for use of epoxy-coated bars was found to be {($207-$7)/($7) x 100} = 2857 %.

Epoxy-coated reinforcing steel is a solid and sound investment for durable concrete structures. This is also an Environmentally Friendly Option.